Chant for the chillies!

We enlisted the poetic talents of Tea Poet, Elizabeth Darcy Jones, to come up with a chant for chilli-lovers young and old, and of course the chillies themselves. She imagined them dancing to the tune of ‘The Ascot Gavotte’ from My Fair Lady – you might recognise the rhythm…

The Chilli Zoo Chant

Look! The chillies can’t wait to appear
Chilli Keeper Dr Pam is here
If your tongue is willing, taste-buds find it thrilling
At the pop-up Chilli Zoo

Meet the Cheyenne, Fish and Holy Mole
Purple Princess who says, ‘use me whole’
‘Though it may sound silly, you will find a chilli
That’s exactly right for you

Chillies blushing! Faces flushing!
Spirits rising! Chillies are so appetising!
Etna makes a splash! Caldero cuts a dash!
Calico’s for lads who want to show they’re really flash!

Numex Big Jim is the friend of cooks
Gardeners fancy Pumpkin for her looks
Carrots, fruits and berries, some that look like cherries
At the pop-up Chilli Zoo

There are herbs who keep the chillies cool
Bio-dynamics are the rule
Warm and friendly, pretty, rare or trendy
Dr Pam’s got scorpions too!
At the pop-up Chilli Zoo.

And here’s a challenge which we will extend until Easter 2014. If you can chant a verse off by heart to Dr Pam she’ll be delighted to pop a chilli chocolate in your mouth for free!

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