Culinary inspiration, a new gardening interest, or a gift to delight the world of chillies and special complimentary herbs present a land full of new tastes and ideas to enrich life. Late spring is the time to pick up a chilli seedling, autumn the time to pick up fresh chillies.

Stop. Pause. Have a Chilli Encounter! Treat a visit to the pop-up Chilli Zoo as a time for a break. We’re usually set up on a simple table filled with jams, oils, marmalade, relish, dried chillies, plants – at the right time of year – and of course tasters. Savour the experience of finding ‘your’ chilli and create an unforgettable ‘taste memory’.

Our philosophy – personal attention promotes growth As a doctor of psychology as well as a ‘chilli keeper’ I’ve learned that people and chillies have something in common. Both respond to nurturing, personal attention and thoughtful handling! I’d like to take you on a journey to discover how practical, creative and rewarding growing or using chillies can be. You may be surprised how much a tiny pepper can grow on you!

When it comes to gardening…
All our plants are grown in Worcestershire. Some are quite fussy and most prefer to be under cover or indoors – the more heat and warmth the better.  When you buy one I will make sure you know how to care for him or her. Did you know they’re great in pots? Dwarf and miniature ornamentals are perfect for dinner table displays – something to suit almost every colour scheme. Plants with dark, exotic foliage and black chillies look beautiful beside those festooned with multicoloured chilli jewels. See the plants page for this years’ range.

A lover’s story…
One of our chocolate customers – who prefers to remain anonymous – says you can’t beat chocolate chilli for a romantic night in or when life gets you down. She’ll be enjoying the effects of ‘nature’s pick me up’. Chillies release ‘feel good’ serotonin that mimic anti-depressants.  Don’t just have to enjoy in chocolate though!

Who’s behind the scenes at the Chilli Zoo?

I’m Pam Davenport. My time is spent tending the chillies in the polytunnel in spring time until they are ready to come out to play across the ‘Three Counties’ and cooking the preserves – an all year round task.  All the products are hand cooked in small batches. Have a look at the products page to see what is currently on offer. We – that’s me, Bear the cat – a former stray and now self appointed protector of the polytunnel (Miss Daisy sadly went to the catnip field in the sky last year) and helpers from eight to eighty- are about to start our fourth year of the business. The response and loyalty from our growing band of chilli-lovers has been tremendous – thank you all!

We’re based between Tenbury Wells and Leominster although not open to the public. Hope to see you at one of our events this year – all listed on teh events page – come and say ‘hello’!

with warmest wishes
‘Dr Pam’
P.S.  If you’re a producer who wants to use chillies in your products we’d love to add you to our list of suppliers – just be in touch by phoning 07801 549 289 or e-mailing