I’ve developed our range of chilli products to show chillies at their best. For example, our chilli jams, marmalades and relish use locally sourced ingredients and my own home grown chillies. I make them in small quantities and cook them slowly to allow layers of flavours to reveal themselves. Look out for them at events and markets and in shops and delis across the area!

Chilli Jams, Marmalade and Relish

Chilli Zoo Chilli Jam with Vietnamese Coriander

Chilli Jam with Vietnamese Coriander

Trumpeting a clean, slightly citrus flavour, it’s unforgettable with fish or ripe Brie. 225g

Chilli Zoo Smoked Chilli Jam

Chilli Jam

With a rare and intense flavour, it’s an ideal complement for cheese or cold meat. 230g

Chilli Zoo Chilli Jam with Cumin

Chilli Jam
with Cumin

Gently warming, it will really make a mark on mature Cheddar or a chicken sandwich. 220g

Chilli Zoo Chilli Pineapple, Lime and Chilli Marmalade

Pineapple, Lime and Chilli Marmalade

Displaying an array of exotic flavours, it’s terrific on toast or a bacon sarnie. 225g

Chilli Zoo Green Chilli Relish

Green Chilli Relish

The hot one! Add a bit to a burger or stir a spoonful into soup and the flavours will sing but not sting! 105g

Chilli Oils

Chilli Zoo Chocolate Habanero Chilli Oil

Chocolate Habanero
Chilli Oil

An adorable flavour with an unmistakable bite! 130ml

Chilli Zoo Smoked Chilli Oil

Chilli Oil

A gentle, mellow and easy-going flavour. 130ml

Chilli Zoo Carolina Reaper Chilli Oil

Carolina Reaper
Chilli Oil

The awe-inspiring flavour of the world’s hottest chilli. 130ml